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RIC V 2.0 Beta

The Research Information Centre, RIC, was developed in response to the need for:
  • A single environment available to scientific researchers allowing them to access and manage all aspects of their work.
  • An integrated, structured way for individuals and groups of researchers to have access to content, tools and other resources such as people and organisations.

The RIC is a dynamic, evolving framework that supports a network of interconnected hosted services and local installations, underpinned by a pool of shared resources.

Rather than creating one big solution package that has all the functionalities that you might ever need, RIC 2.0 has been broken down into different WSPs (SharePoint Solution Packages). These WSPs enable specific features, allowing those deploying or using the RIC to select just what they need for their particular environments.

In the first instance, please refer to the Pre-requisites and Softedge Templates page for instructions on:

  • RIC Install Sequence (Essential)
  • Pre-requisite installation and configuration for RIC 2.0
  • Softedge template deployment (Optional)

This page is for the SP 2010 VRE Document Review Workflow Kit, and includes download links for:

This Kit includes an Event handler that allows a user to:

  • Set item level permissions on documents in Project Repository.
  • Sends a mail to the user when a task is allocated to them.
  • Sends a mail to the document owner if the user task is not completed within the deadline.

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